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UNDERSTANDING HARD QUESTIONS is the sixth book in the

"Understanding Life" series for kids.

It answers 56 of the most common questions asked by kids, from a Biblical perspective and in an age-appropriate way.


  • Who created God?
  • Does God speak to people?
  • Will God stop loving me if I keep sinning?
  • How did Jesus perform miracles?
  • Why do people get sick and die?
  • Why did my parents get divorced?
  • Can Christians lose their salvation?
  • How can God forgive murderers?
  • Why is sex outside of marriage wrong?
  • Are there more than two genders?
  • Can I be sure that I will go to heaven?


Written for kids ages 9-12, this 128-page book teaches some basic Bible apologetics. It could be used as a training resource for your teachers, as a mini curriculum for your teachers, or as a reference for parents.

Understanding Hard Questions (10 Pack)

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