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Equipping Fireflies is a not-for-profit ministry made possible through the generous giving of churches and partners, and the generosity of friends and partners who freely give their finance, advice, prayer, and skills. Equipping Fireflies seeks to equip leaders and parents to minister to their children through training, resourcing, and speaking events. We deeply value your partnership as we seek to equip small churches that can't afford to pay the regular prices for good resources. 

Join our Support Team

1. Partner in Prayer

We value our prayer partners as an essential part of our ministry. 

2. Support Monthly

Become a financial support partner by giving to general ministry costs on a monthly basis. As a way to say "thank you," you will receive a free copy of Janine's new book "When You See Fireflies - Equipping Parents and Leaders to Minister to Generation Alpha."

3. Sponsor a Project

Become a financial partner by supporting the ministry through a one-off gift. 


Children working on the Grace4Kidz Activity Books at the City of Hope Urban Mission in Lipa, Philippines.

Our Current Projects

1. Set up Costs - We need finances for purchasing equipment for conference booths - backdrop, brochures, iPad, iPad stand, etc.

2. Supplying resources to churches in third world countries who cannot afford to buy resources.

3. Book: "When You See Fireflies - Equipping Leaders and Parents to Minister Effectively to Generation Alpha" This book is due to be released in May 2023 and will offer sound theology and practical principles on how to reach this generation of children for Jesus.  – Our goal is $5000, which will fund the marketing and distribution of the book.

Who We Are

Equipping Fireflies is a not-for-profit 501C3 ministry, Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) which provides nonprofit organizations an exemption from paying federal income tax. Nonprofits typically include charitable, religious, literary, scientific, public safety, and educational organizations. Nonprofit status is a status provided by either the state or federal government that classifies an organization as a specific type that is beneficial or charitable to individuals or communities. 


Janine and her team are not on salaried staff at her church. The ministry is made possible through church offerings and the generosity of friends and partners who freely give their finances, advice, prayer, and skills. All offerings and payments are paid into ministry funds.

Our heart is to receive your giving as an offering to God and to invest it wisely in reaching others with the gospel. The leadership team oversees the financial integrity of the ministry, and there are strong accountability measures in place to ensure your offerings are wisely allocated. We also deeply value your prayers for God’s power and wisdom as we seek to equip parents and leaders to minister to Generation Alpha.

Contact Us

Let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you in your ministry to children.

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