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"Come inside... When you see fireflies!"


When they were younger, we told our children that they needed to stop playing and come inside when they see those little flashing lights. It was an indication of nighttime and we wanted them back inside, getting ready for bed and a good night sleep.

Fireflies flash their little lights when it's becoming dark. They are a clear indicator that it's nighttime and that the dangers that accompany the dark are close. 

Our world is becoming darker by the minute. Have you noticed? So many dangers are lurking, ready to devour our children. Our voice must rise to the occasion and tell them to come inside where it's safe. However, have you noticed that they are missing? Growing numbers are succumbing to the attractions of the world - be it technology, sport practices, dance recitals, friends. Our children are growing up in a world of opportunity, a world of danger!


Generation Alpha are our children. Born between 2010-2024, they are unlike any other children. Why? Because unlike any other generation, they have been born into a very different world!


  • A world of technology. Have you notice how adept they are with their iPads and iPhones? Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to tear the devices from their little fingers?

  • A world of danger - cyberthreats, bullying, shootings!

  • A world of unbelief - the church has become a place of hypocrisy and irrelevance


Have you noticed... we are losing them from our churches? Kids and families!

The first step to gaining their trust is to understand them. How well do you know them?

Are you listening when they ask the hard questions?

Do you realize they have a very different learning style? 

Do you understand their need for meaningful relationships?

Keep watching this space for a book that will answer these questions and more! In the meantime, check out our blog posts!

"When You See Fireflies"
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