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STEPS to Knowing Jesus

"STEPS" is a four-week discipleship course designed for kids who want to learn how to KNOW God and GROW to be more like Him. Each week includes a lesson, discussion questions, activities, and memory work. A Quiet Time Journal (for during the week) is also included.

Two levels are available: Kids (ages 6-9) and Preteens (ages 9-12). Topics covered include:

  • Salvation: How to Know Jesus

  • Assurance: How to be Sure About Jesus

  • Baptism: How to Tell Others About Jesus

  • Discipleship: How to Become Like Jesus

STEPS was designed to be used by church leaders or parents who are looking to engage and guide children on their spiritual journey.

The LEADER'S GUIDE is the companion to "STEPS." It includes teacher's notes, an answer key, and all additional resources (including lesson aids, memory verse games, activities, posters, a certificate of completion, and more).

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Purchase your copy of "STEPS" - $19.99

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